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Trait shifts in bird communities from primary forest to human settlements in Mexican seasonal forests. Are there ruderal birds?
Leopoldo D. Vázquez-Reyes, Horacio Paz-Hernández, Héctor O. Godínez-Álvarez, María del Coro Arizmendi, Adolfo G. Navarro-Sigüenza

  • Anthropization drives directional changes on functional traits of bird communities of Neotropical seasonal forests.

  • Birds within anthropized habitat have short life cycles, rapid development, high fecundity, and broad ecological niches.

  • According to the Ecological Strategies Theory, birds could show the ruderal strategy within the perturbed anthropic habitat.

Open access
Available online 21 December 2021
Landscape composition regulates the spillover of beneficial insects between forest remnants and adjacent coffee plantations
Hugo Reis Medeiros, Felipe Martello, Jean Paul Metzger, Karen Amanda Harper, Ximo Mengual, Ciro Abbud Righi, Milton Cezar Ribeiro

  • 9847 wasps classified into 75 species and 23 genera were recorded.

  • Inter-habitat dissimilarity decreased with increasing forest cover in the landscape.

  • Landscape diversity, edge density, and pesticide usage did not affect spillover.

  • Forested landscapes provide more spillover opportunities than do crop landscapes.

Open access
Available online 19 December 2021
Top-down local management, perceived contribution to people, and actual detriments influence a rampant human‒top predator conflict in the Neotropics
Santiago Zuluaga, F. Hernán Vargas, Sebastián Kohn, Juan M. Grande

  • Neotropical governments and their environmental agencies have generally poor governance.

  • Poor governance can be influencing human-top predator conflicts in the Neotropics.

  • Forty percent of interviewees disapproved the current top-down local management.

  • Disapproval of top-down local management influenced human tolerance independently.

  • Neotropics need a better balance between bottom-up and top-down governance.

Open access
Available online 11 December 2021
Perspectives in Ecology and Conservation

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